• 3rd Cross, Chandran Garden, Chinna Thirupathi, Salem - 636 008.
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Reception home (Girls), Salem was started on April-2009 in partnership with the Department of Social Defence of the Government of Tamilnadu


Reception home for toddlers started on 16th May 2016 for the kids under five years (0 to 5 years) need care and protection. Children not having parent, single parent, victims of beggary and street dwellers are coming to toddlers’ home for better care and rehabilitation.

It may take children some time to sort out their place amongst the others. Children, who have problematic relationships at home, for whatever reason, may not start out feeling confident. However, children who have felt highly competitive at their home may find life easier here amongst a mixed group of children and be able to create better relationships.

Groups and ‘best friendships’ usually emerge during the first year although they may not survive for a very long time. The ups and downs of friendships may be painful for children, but most of them establish ways of relating to one another in a more or less harmonious way. These are amongst the most powerful experiences of childhood, outside the home.

The children in the Reception home come from various difficult and distress circumstances:

  • Rescued from begging/street roaming.
  • Who are destitute or abandoned
  • Who have been abused physically or sexually or likely to be abused or exploited for immoral or illegal purposes.
  • Rescued from child labour/child trafficking.
  • Missing children
  • Rescued children from illegal adoption.
  • Children from severe poverty or broken families or who are homeless or have unfit parents.
  • Children who are physically changed or mentally challenged or mental illness or affected by chronic illness such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Rescued by the Government system and sent to the home for family reintegration or better rehabilitation.

Reception Home for Girls (November 2023)



Total No.of Beneficiaries 4221 so far

Reception Home for Toddlers (November 2023)



Total No.of Beneficiaries 155 so far


  • Reception home is to provide temporary shelter for girl children in need of care and protection
  • The welcome team of friendly children along with caring home Superintendent welcomed the new children
  • Then, issue a welcome kit consisting of a new dress, under garments, sanitary pads for elderly children, towel, soap, brush, paste, coconut oil, Bindhi and ear rings (artificial) and chocolates in a travel bag and make them happy during their stay
  • Regular counselling given by the child counsellor in child friendly manner
  • Child welfare worker taken care of their reintegration and rehabilitation process
  • The food menu is prepared by the children itself
  • Nutritious balanced diet is providing to the children to meet out the needs of adolescence
  • Psychiatric counselling arranged for the needy children
  • Non formal education is taken care for the school dropout children
  • Good library and circulating library books and News paper is there to update their knowledge and know current affairs
  • Vocational trainings – tailoring, beautician training and coir scrub making is given to the elderly children
  • Basket making, wool works, hand embroidery and fashion jewellary learning also given based on the choice of the children
  • Taking care of Babies and toddlers not able to give for adoption. Based on the family circumstances toddlers are unable to take care by the parents. So, it is the home to give early childhood development, pre- school education and make them happy by the way of child friendly