Life line Educational and Charitable Trust
Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School, Vedvahal, Shahapur, Thane
Affordable and Quality Education for rural and tribal children.
Life line Educational and Charitable Trust (Lifeline) is a govt registered non-profit NGO active in Thane district since 2006. It operates an English school to provide quality and affordable education facilities to the rural and tribal children.
Govt recognized

Non-profit NGO

Active since 2006

Educational focus

Rural and tribal reach
in Thane district

Field services


Growing impact

Quality and affordable education

English school with own facilities

12 staff members
175 students
Nursery to 4th std

Building careers!
*** About LIFE LINE TRUST ***
 *** May 2017 Update ***
We established Life line Educational and Charitable Trust, Dombivali in 2006. It is formally registered with the Government of Maharashtra, India, Charity Commissioner. It has a valid 80G certificate. The donations are exempted from ITax as per the ITax rules.

Our mission is to contribute to the social development through educational and health improvement activities. 

Our 2015-2020 five year vision is to establish a self sustaining educational institute in Thane district's rural area of Vedvahal at Aghai.

The NGO operates an English Medium School and a Junior College of Arts and Science in Vedvahal (near Aghai in Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra, India). Our focus is to grow this campus to provide quality education to rural and tribal students. 

The NGO also helps students from other residential tribal schools for educational material, coaching, clothes, toys and other needs. 

We invite donations and volunteers to aid this effort. We require qualified teachers for standards Nursery to 6th grade and 11th grade (science) who are passionate about education and zest for social cause. We also require volunteers who desire to champion girl education and health awareness programs. We are looking for financial support as well to enhance our educational facilities.
Lifeline five year plan from 2015—2020 is to expand our educational campus near Vedvahal (Taluka Shahapur, district Thane) for the rural children to provide high quality education. The campus already has an English medium school up to grade 6 with 150 students. 

Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School, Vedvahal
This is a Government approved pre-primary, primary and secondary school. During the next 4 years, the school would continue to add one higher grade scaling up to 10th grade. This will require further construction of new classrooms, more school buses and expansion of educational facilities such as playground compound, e-learning etc.

Mahatma Gandhi Arts and Science Jr. College, Vedvahal

During 2017, we would open 11th grade classes for Arts and Science streams. This would facilitate science studies avoiding commute. During 2018 we would add 12th grade classes.
Information Technology CenterVedvahal
During 2017, Lifeline would establish a Computer education facility in the Campus. The objective is to make the students and working communities like staff from nearby schools computer literate. 

Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School Vedvahal is now well established and self sustaining. During 2016-17, the school focus was on improving the quality and practicing English speaking. Multiple events during 2016 were very well received by our students and their parents. Apart from celebrating the national holidays and major festivals, the school started new events of competition for essay writing, speeches, dancing, singing, drawing and other extra curricular activities to develop talent of students. 

The Dada-Tai scholarship for girls started during 2015 by Mr. Aniruddha Karandikar further expanded to recognize more students and promote girl education. It recognized rankers in 10th/12th grades even from nearby schools.

The school continued to enhance its facilities. We added more reading books to the school library, thanks to Ms Namrata Shinde and her volunteer's relentless efforts to collect books and toys for donation. Lakshya foundation and Lifeline organized educational awareness session about N.D.A and Army careers at Pivali highschool. 

We are now preparing for exciting 2017-18 academic year. We would inaugurate Government approved Mahatma Gandhi Arts and Science Junior College for 11th grade students. This is a bold step and an important milestone considering that 4 high schools in this region do not offer science stream. Students in this remote area are faced with long commutes with less frequent unreliable public transport facilities. Girl students find it even more difficult to commute. We would establish science laboratories and employ qualified teachers to maintain high standards and quality of education.

Apart from these academic activities, Lifeline regularly conducts health awareness programs.  These include awareness of cleanliness, health camps, fitness advise and facilitating summer internship projects to medical students. We would continue to organize such events during 2017-18. 

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