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The young people of India are under attack. Teenagers and even children are falling into drug abuse. They have suffered from the cultural acceptance of drugs as well as pressure from peers and mere curiosity. Popular drugs abused by the youth population include heroin, smack, injectables, pain killers, inhalants, and alcohol.

In recent times, India’s young generation has found themselves under a relentless assault, as an increasing number of children grapple with the dark shadow of drug addiction. This pervasive issue is a result of several contributing factors, including cultural acceptance of drug use, peer pressure, and simple curiosity. At our de-addiction center, we recognize the urgency of this situation and are committed to providing a safe haven for these vulnerable children.

The statistics surrounding children’s drug abuse are alarming. A worrying trend has emerged where popular drugs such as heroin, smack, injectables, painkillers, inhalants, and alcohol have made their way into the lives of young children. The consequences of drug abuse are not only detrimental to the individual but also have far-reaching impacts on families and society as a whole.

Our mission is to address this crisis head-on. We firmly believe that every child’s life is worth saving, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary resources, support, and rehabilitation for children and juveniles in conflict with the law who are struggling with substance abuse. By setting up this de-addiction center, we aim to break the vicious cycle of addiction and offer a second chance at a brighter, healthier, and more promising future.

What sets our de-addiction center apart is our comprehensive and holistic approach to recovery. Our team of dedicated professionals, including doctors, counselors, and support staff, is well-equipped to provide not only the physical treatment needed to overcome addiction but also the emotional and psychological support essential for lasting recovery.

The center offers a nurturing and therapeutic environment where children can detox safely, receive counseling, and engage in various therapeutic activities to rebuild their lives. We understand that addiction affects not only the individual but also their families, and our programs extend to provide guidance and support to the families of our young clients.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the services and programs we offer. If you or someone you know is in need of help or support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to make a positive difference in the lives of the children who are struggling with addiction, and together, we can bring about transformation and renewal.

Thank you for visiting our de-addiction center’s website. Your support and engagement with our mission play a vital role in our efforts to combat drug abuse and promote a healthier and brighter future for our nation’s children.


“Our vision has to be a center of excellence in the addiction field and make our children to achieve long-term recovery or sobriety through our rehabilitations’’.


“Our mission is to provide effective addiction treatment to children who suffer from the devasting effects of drug addiction. A multi-disciplinary team provides high quality and standard of care through counselling, individual and family therapies, detoxification, life and social skills training, educational and vocational support.


Admission has to be made only for children in conflict with the law and child care and protection who are referred by the juvenile justice board and child welfare committee from all districts of Tamil Nadu. After their admission to our center, treatment has to be maximum of 2 months and discharge will be based on their recovery level.

Chengalpet Children Centre for prevention of children from alcoholism and drug abuse was started  on 2018 in Alagesan Nager, Chengalpattu under the central sector scheme of assistance for prevention of alcoholism and substance (DRUG) abuse  for social defense services and as per the guidance of social welfare and nutrition programe (SW 8 (2)), as per G.O No.51 (MS), the establishment of De-addiction centre at  Chengalpattu with Guidance of the Social Welfare and Nutrition Program. Children are referred by Child welfare committee and Juvenile Justice Boards. 

Chennai Children centre for prevention of children from alcoholism and drug abuse was started  in 27th may  2022 in  (Thirumullaivoyal ) Chennai under the Central sector scheme of assistance for prevention of alcoholism and substance (Drug) abuse for Social Defense services and as per the Guidance of the Social Welfare and Nutrition Program (SW 8 (1)), as per G,0 No 78(MS), the establishment of De-addiction Centre at Chennai exclusively for children admitted in Government Observation homes and Special Homes. Life Line Centre for prevention of children from alcoholism and drug abuse was started on 2022 in Chennai. Children are referred by Child welfare committee and Juvenile Justice Boards. We started out patient services in Chennai on 09/10/2023 for public under 18 male & female children with affordable charges. 


2.Medical treatment
3.Psychaitric treatment
4.Individual / group counseling
5.Family counseling
6.Improving study skill
7.Psychological treatment
8.Lifeskill training
9.Alchol/drug awareness session
10.Cognitive behaviour therapy
11.Sports mental (a) physical strengthening
12.Educational (a) work guidance

Psychiatric doctor services also available
1. Substance use and addiction disorder
2. Mobile , social media & game addiction
3. Emotional well being
5. Grief and bereavement
3. Eating disorders
4. Stress & depression
5. Anxiety & phobic disorder
6.Somatic symptom disorder
7.Learning disorders and improving study skill
8.Sleep & wake disorder
9. Schizophernia and other psychatric disorder
10.Personality disorder
11.Behavioural Problems
12.Sexual identity issues
13.LGBT(lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender issues)
14.Self injury behaviour(suicidal thoughts)
15.Anger management
16.Individual & family counseling
17.Career guidence
18.Parental counseling.

We are offering Training services for schools/colleges/ITI, companys,govt and private sectors
1.Lifeskill Training
2.Substance – drug abuse awareness
3.Stress management
4.Study skill programs
5.Career guidance’s
6.Motivation & awareness session

Established the first de-addiction centre for children in south India by the Ministry of Social Justice and Improvement Treatment and created educational and vocational advocacy for children’s betterment.

Recovering the children from drug and alcoholism through treatment and creating educational and vocational advocacy for their betterment.


Chengalpet Children Centre for Prevention of Children from Alcholism and Drug abuse

De-Addiction Centre (November 2023)



Total No.of Beneficiaries 394 so far

Chennai Children Centre for Prevention of Children from Alcholism and Drug abuse

De-Addiction Center (November 2023)



Total No.of Beneficiaries: 82 so far